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CDP Focuses On


Recognizing the growing phenomenon of urbanization, Government of India launched JNNURM in the year 2005. In order to frame-out the planned development of the cities and also to make the cities sustainable the preparation of City Development Plan was made mandatory by the Govt. of India.

The concept of CDP preparation was further debated in Madhya Pradesh and the need of CDPs was highly recognized. The matter was taken up at the highest level and it was decided not to restrict the CDP preparation to the Million plus cities but to also extend it to all the Urban Local Bodies of the State. The State Govt. has decided to execute the CDP process in a phased manner. It was also decided by the State Govt. to provide funds for it and to engage leading consultants for this job.

Madhya Pradesh is the only state in the country where urban development plans are being made on such a large scale. The Ist phase of historic initiative of the State Govt. has taken up its final shape. The development plans of 110 cities of the state are completed and are approved by the concerned ULBs. The development plans of the rest of Urban Local Bodies in the state will be completed in the ongoing/IInd phase.

Need of Planning

After the assessment of the performance of the ULBs and their capacity for exploiting the resources it was felt that a city development vision is essential, not only for accessing GoI/GoMP funding but also for providing a strategic framework for converging and co-ordinating various development inputs towards positioning the city on a sustainable planned development path.


One of the key feature in this process is the formulation of plans through participatory. Most of the urban development schemes prove to be failure in the absence of proper monitoring & lack of transparency. The use of e-governance must be incorporated at the very beginning of any project. Preparation of Ist Phase of CDPs was a huge task for Urban Administration & Development Department and to make this initiative successful the department was fully committed & determined. In order to complete the preparation of Ist Phase of CDPs in a time bound manner e-inclusive approach was also adopted. e-inclusion made the process transparent, hurdle free and successful.

Outputs to be Delivered

S. No. Outputs Due Date
1. Inception Report (including report of Kick off workshop) At the End of Week 6
2. City Profile, Sector Analysis, city vision, strategy and priority projects (report on 2nd workshop) At the End of Week 16
3. Draft CDP and city level workshop At the End of Week 24
4. Final CDP At the End of Week 32

PostHeaderIcon Long-term Vision

Our Mission Planned Development - Hon'ble Chief Minister

The GoMP is preparing a policy to implement Projects identified in the CDPs. The investment identified would act as a benchmark for budgeting. The demand-gap analysis, Project prioritization & sectoral investment identified would be great help to formulate the scheme (for collectors & commissioners).

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Apr 9, 2013
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August 24, 2012
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